Travel is more than just getting off the bus and taking a few snaps. In every episode of Photo Number 6 host Alan Fletcher will be seeking out 5 travel experiences that go beyond the tourist guidebook and delve into the heart and soul of the places he visits. The challenge he is set in the show is to photograph each experience looking to choose just one photo that sums up that experience. Then, with the help of the director and crew, Alan must choose just one photo to represent the emotions, the geography, the feeling and the human connections he has made –  AND THAT IS PHOTO NUMBER 6


Photo Number 6 is not a standard travel program showcasing the obvious tourist attractions a location has to offer. We will take viewers ‘under the surface’ and explore the culture, the politics, the landscape and the humanity of the places we visit. Through five fast paced cinematic segments Alan and director Stig Wemyss will take the audience on a quirky, humorous, dramatic and, occasionally, risky ride into fascinating and exciting destinations and rendezvous. Then Alan and Stig will battle it out in the in-studio RED ROOM seeking the perfect shot worthy of the title Photo Number 6.


Ten episodes of Photo Number 6 are in production and targeted to air at the beginning of 2018.


Available for International Distribution.


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Stig Wemyss

Stig Wemyss is the driving force behind Mezzanine Films producing TVC’s, corporate videos, short films, and web content for 20 years. His insight as a writer and expertise as a director bring a fresh, cutting-edge approach to every production. As close friends and creative colleagues, Stig and Alan have a tight rapport and bring a natural ease to the show’s lighter side.



Alan Fletcher

By virtue of his 22 years performing in the iconic Australian television program Neighbours, Alan Fletcher has become a household name in many countries particularly in the United Kingdom. Combined with his 20 years professional photographic experience Alan has the presence and skills to entertain and inform our viewers.



Really Epic Dog

Really Epic Dog is a world class content distribution and creation company. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices in the UK and South Africa, it creates and licenses content for distribution in underserved markets. Founded by Wayne Scholes, a former Virgin Records executive, Really Epic Dog has a team of experts in content creation and licensing, and has developed processes for digital distribution where the internet infrastructure is limited or non existent.